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Magic word:
Everyone stands up at the front of their seats, you choose one word (from the lesson words) to be the magic word, you say it very loudly and the kids repeat loudly after you, about 3 times, then you say one word (from the lesson words) each time they repeat and take one step forward towards the teacher, after 4 or 5 words you SHOUT the magic word so they know the difference. When the students hear the magic word they must run back to their seats, you act as a tiger and try to catch one student, other students must run back to their seats before you catch one of them whoever has been caught must say the words from the lesson. Then let him go back to his seat and repeat the game. THE STUDENTS LOVE THIS GAME.
Pass the ball (one or two balls and a bell )
All the children sit into a circle,
You get a ball or anything they can have in their hands to pass it around and a tambourine or a bell.
Start the game when you say one two three ok go!
And start shaking the bell/tamborine.
All the kid must clap their hands and stamp their feet and shout “hurry” in English while they pass the ball.
When the ball has passed about 8 or 9 kids you suddenly stop shaking the bell and say stop
The student who has the ball in hands must come up to you and repeat the lesson words after you All this must be explained in Chinese before the game start, you can show them how to do it.
Do it 5 or 6 times will be all right for their concentration.
Run around the classroom (need two toys them have in hands some candy)
All the kids sit into two lines facing each other,
You sit at one end of the lines.
After they have gone through all the words pick up one student from each line
You have two toys in your hands.
They come up to you
You say the words then they repeat after you,
Then you say ready go, and give each one a toy
Everyone including you clap their hands and shout “hurry” in English.
Both of the children must run around their own teams and run back to you
Give the toy back to you
There is no winner, praise them and give each student a candy.
And repeat with other students
If time is limited you can choose four students at the same time.
Wolf catch chicken
You act as a wolf or other animals the students know,
Get your assistant or teacher to be the chicken mother
The kids line up behind the chicken mother and hold the clothes of the student in front them.
You say some of the lesson words, and clap your hands.
Students stamp their feet and repeat the words after you very loudly,
You can act as can’t hear them, then count one two three (use your finger as well)
everyone speak very loudly.
When you think they are speaking loudly enough.
Then you act as the wolf trying to catch one of the chickens, move left and right and make it funny
Chase the kids and make it scary.
Then catch one or two kids.
Ask them to repeat the words from the lesson.
Do it four or five times, chose different words.
Run around and stop
Ask everyone stand up.
Run around the classroom, and shake the tambourine
When all the students are running you suddenly shout out STOP
And stop shaking the tambourine
Stand as very still.
When the students have stopped say a word from the lesson
The students must repeat the words several times
Then if the students shout the words loud enough
Shout GO
The students start running again
Do it five or six times.
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