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China Fork Theatrical Art
Chinese Folk Theatrical Art
China Shaanxi-ROK Friendship Week
Yueju Opera
Sichuan Opera
Kunqu Opera
Fangshan Drum Dance
Folk Handicraft Art
Traditional Arts and Crafts
chinese folk art festivals
Shanxi Folk Papercuts
Huishan Clay Figurines
Tongliang Dragon Lantern
Folk Embroidery of Southern Shanxi Province
Grottos, Cliff Paintings and Sculptures
Leshan Giant Buddha
Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty
God Hill Cliff Paintings
Yin Mountains Cliff Paintings
Tibetan Cliff Paintings
Traditional Gardens and Architecture
Former Residence of Hu Xueyan
Yueyang Tower
Ancient Dwellings of Xinye Village
Prince Teng’s Pavilion
Pala Manor
Yellow Crane Tower
Land of Chinese Folk Art
Miao girls celebrate Lusheng Festival
Yao ethnic group enjoys cultural festival
Yangzhou Puppet Show
The Farmer Woodblock Paintings of Qijiang
Quanzhou’s Marionettes
Kingdom of Farmer Calligraphers and Painters
Chinese Religious Folk Art
Chinese Religious
Jokhong Temple and the Surrounding Area
The "Ghost City" of Fengdu
Mount Jiuhua
Mount Wutai
Mount Putuo
Chinese Folk Art Festivals
Inauguration of China Hainan Carnival
Ready for holiday
The Sparkler Festival of the Dongs
The Water-sprinkling Festival of the Dais
The Torch Festival
Street Fair of the Bai Ethnic Group

Towns and Villages with Chinese Folk Characteristics
The Matriarchal Mosuo People - Jingdezhen
The Capital of Porcelain - Jingdezhen
Ancient Gyangze City
Ancient Gyangze City
Ancient Yangliuqing Town near Tianjin
Ancient Xidi and Hongcun Villages
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