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TESL stands for 'Teaching English as a Second Language' and relates to the many English teaching certification courses being provided worldwide. Special training programs are conducted as part of these special curriculums (mostly in English speaking regions) to teach English to non-speakers of the language.

Here the expression 'non-speakers' represents people who are speakers of other languages and hence in countries where the mother tongue of the natives is English (e.g. UK, Ireland & New Zealand), TESL comes to acquire a new acronym TESOL (or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). In US though, TESOL incorporates both TESL and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

TESL - Teaching English Tips

With English continuing to be the 'lingua franca', more and more people are trying to pick up English other than their mother tongue. People belonging to all age groups, professions, cultural and social backgrounds are flocking to learn English; no wonder that TESL is fast emerging as a promising new career.

Basic Qualifications Of A TESL Instructor

In the US, the qualification of a TESL instructor varies from state to state; however, in most cases the basic qualification is an MA in TESOL. A Bachelor's Degree with a minor in English or linguistics or in a foreign language is a must for admission to MA in TESOL. MA in TESOL comprises a graduate work in the English language on one of the classical liberal arts (literature/linguistics/media studies) and a theoretical pedagogical module at the tertiary level.

TESL - Teaching English Tips

Most elementary and state-run schools in US conduct ELL (English Language Learner) programs for children coming from non-English speaking homes. The selection of these teachers is usually based on the issuance of teaching certificates/licenses for public instruction. Of course, the issuance of these teaching certificates involve a string of exams and assessments like the PRAXIS as well as other state-sponsored exams. The instructors are also required to prove their proficiencies as teaching interns through brilliant pedagogy and command over language. Performances of interns are evaluated throughout the tenure and the professional teaching certificates are awarded only upon successful completion of the program.

Job Description Of A TESL Instructor

Teachers involved with ESL work with adults and children whose first language is not English and are yet (or are seeking to be) permanent or long-term residents. Children are helped on one to one basis to nurture their cultural and language proficiency. Similarly, special tutorials are conducted for adults at colleges, in community and language centers to sharpen their linguistic skills.

TESL - Teaching English Tips

Your job profile as a TESL instructor is not limited to teaching in classes and tutorials. The development of the teaching materials, researching with easy yet effective teaching techniques, assessment of students' progress, etc., all fall under the purview of a TESL instructor. As a result, you will be required to keep records, arrange meeting and training sessions.

In fact, there is always a bit you can do on your own. Try to win over your students and the best way to woo them is to befriend them. Play ESL quizzes with your students, encourage them to join ESL forums and see them make progress.

TESL - Teaching English Tips

Professional Help For You

You may need help as a TESL instructor. TESOL Inc., a professional organization and other large statewide affiliates such as CATESOL in California and Illinois are always there to extend a helping hand.
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