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The functions of HSK Certificates


(1)to certify that the holder has acquired the required Chinese Proficiency to enter a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student.

(2)to certify that the holder can be exempt from taking the Chinese language course depending on the level of certification.

(3)as a basis for the employers to evaluate the Chinese proficiency of the job applicants.

The Issuing of HSK Certificates and Test Report Form


The HSK certificate and test report form will be mailed to the HSK test centers by the organizer within two months after the test. Candidates may obtain certificates and test report forms either by collecting them in person at the test center or by mail from the test center.

The retention period of the certificate and the test report form is 2 years. If the candidate does still not claim them after 2 years, the organizer will not keep them any longer.

Regulations on reissuing test report forms


Candidates may come to the HSK Center of BLCU and can require a reissue of the test report form for the purpose of employment or application for study in a university within the valid period of the test result. There are handling and cost charges for it.

Period of Validity for HSK Certificates


The HSK certificate has a permanent validity, whereas the accompanying test report will only be valid for two years (beginning from the date of the test session) as the certification for foreign students to enter a college or university in China.
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