PWD Register



In order to gain access to the Professional Teaching Board, we respectfully request that you submit:

  1. Teaching resume
  2. Recent Photo
  3. Copy of relevant education certificates

    Once we have received these documents, our professional Placement Managers will review your application for access to the Professional Teaching Board.

    Please note that applications that do not meet one or more of the aforementioned criteria will not be considered for access to the Professional Teaching Board.

Important Notice - Please Read

Due to the large volume of applications to this particular board
The Boards Administrators will only reply to those applicants whose qualifications and experience have been deemed suitable for membership

Please note however that if your application is unsuccessful, you can still access Network ESL’s Gold Jobs Center, where you can receive full direct contact details for schools.

Whilst at the same time you can access the China Jobs Center and gain access to over 4000 ESL Teaching positions throughout China.
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