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“One world, friendly exchange”

Network ESL through our registered Chinese company Link China Consulting has been authorized by several Key Schools in strategic provinces, primarily Jiangsu and Hubei Provinces in China to introduce Foreign students aged for 10-16 years of age from around the world to participate in International Summer Camp programs in China, so as to promote Chinese culture and enhance cross cultural exchanges between students throughout the world.

These International Summer camps invite students from, and certainly not limited to, the following countries and regions :

AUS England Scotland Ireland
Wales France Germany Russia
CAN Nigeria Cameroon India
United States Of USA New Zealand Fiji South Africa
Holland Japan North Korea South Korea
Taiwan Hong Kong Singapore Thailand

The camps are designed to involve students in Chinese cultural activities and travel to scenic places and places of interest, whereby enhancing students understanding of China and Chinese people, underpinned by China ’s famous hospitality.

If your school and students would like to participate in our Chinese Summer Camp programs, please do not hesitate to drop us a line, and we will forward to you a detailed information package outlining:

l Full school details

l Full camp program

l Full camp costing and expense

l Video presentation of participating schools

l Brochures and application forms

Our Education team will work closely with your school, and assist with the organization of travel, insurance and logistical details so as to make this a thoroughly enjoyable experience for your schools and students.
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