History of Liaoning Dalian Neusoft Institute Of Information
Dalian¡ªCenter of North Asia

Population: 5.9 Million
Location:¡¡ Located on the southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula, Yellow Sea on the east and Bohai Sea on the west

Charming Dalian¡ªPerfect Integration of Hundred-Year History and Modern Civilization

    • Environment: Dalian is surrounded by sea in three sides, four seasons with mild climate and is the best city in environment protection.
    • Tourism:One of the Best Tour City in China; ¡°World Top 500 City¡± designated by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
    • Communication:¡¡Center of Communication in Northeastern China and the communication business covers more than 180 countries and regions in the world.
    • Culture: International Fashion City, National Sport City, Modern Historical City, and Various City Festivals.
    • Commerce: Well-known Shopping malls both home and abroad including Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Da Shang Group and so on to make a ¡°Shopping Heaven¡± in North China.
    • Economics: One of the five Chinese Cities which attract the most foreign investment; The largest center for international settlement in North China.
    • Climate: The average temperature of the year is 8¡ª11 degree centigrade, and it is the warmest region in Northeastern China. August is the hottest season and January is the coldest season.


Dalian Software Park

Dalian Software Park, is the specialized software park founded in the year 1998 by Dalian government for the informationalization construction of the city. It is designated as ¡°National Torch Plan Software Industry Base¡± by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ¡°National Software Industry Base¡± by Ministry of Information Industry, and ¡°National Software Export Base¡± by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Information Industry. It is the only non-capital city among the National Industry Base, and was designated as ¡°National European Software Export Experimental Base¡± by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
At present, there are 326 software enterprises in Dalian Software Park, among which 41% are foreign invested. 32 of them are the Fortune 500 manufacturers including the large international enterprises like IBM, Genpect, HP, Accenture, SAP, Panasonic, Nokia, Sony, ect. Japanese Software enterprises like CSK, Omron, Alpine, FTS, FSD, etc. National well-known software enterprises like Neusoft Group, CSS Group, Sunyard, etc. and also the local software export enterprises like DHC, Haihuisoft, etc.
In the year 2007, Intel declared that it will invest $2.5 billion to build a microchip plant in Dalian which will facilitate the development of the Integrate Circuit industry and also will provide a lot of job opportunities for the IT graduates both home and abroad.



Neusoft Institute of Information---the Best Choice

  1. It was founded in 2000 by Neusoft Group in collaboration with Dalian Software Park, one of the independently-run branch college of Northeastern University and one of branch of postgraduate schools of Northeastern University. It integrates the culture of Neusoft Group and the advantage of computer science subjects of Northeastern University.
  2. The first ¡°Laptop¡± University in China
  3. It has three campuses, separately located in Dalian, Nanhai, and Chengdu

?Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information, as the main campus, covers 350,000 square km, including academic area, logistics community area, internship base, and living facilities area.

  1. For the academic year of 2006-2007, the number of students in school is over 11,000.
  2. Providing degree-conferring education, training opportunities and research & development service
  3. Flexible teaching models, advanced multimedia teaching and rich network resources


International Office
International Office of Neusoft Institute of Information is the first department that the international students contact with when they arrive. The staff here will help the students to solve all kinds of problems and difficulties that they meet during their stay.


International Students Department---- In Sync with the Society

Overseas Chinese Studies is an important part of the international cooperation work of the institute. It offers both short and long term Chinese training programs, including preparatory Chinese for academic studies, foundation Chinese and classes on Chinese culture. As some specific favorable terms, the students also have: flexible teaching methods, multi-media teaching aids which make teaching vivid and lasting, and the latest and most practical textbooks and the teaching materials will meet the students¡¯ various needs of learning.


Chinese training program: Programs ranging from 1 week to 2 years with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Those who want to join the Bachelor Degree Program must reach the HSK language levels that are required by the relevant departments.

Bachelor degree program: Four-year bachelor degree programs to learn professional courses.

2+2 credit transfer program: The credits are transferable to our school and the students are enrolled into the junior year of our bachelor degrees.

Pre-enrollment Program: Immersion Chinese training program starts from three months up to half a year before the students enroll into our professional courses, and the students have to reach the HSK language levels that are required by the relevant departments.

Exchange Program: Language study or IT majors study. (half a year or one year).

From March 1 to July 15 per year
September 1 to January 15 of next year


Entry Qualification£º

Chinese Training Program£ºApplicants should be in good health and over 18 years of age.

Bachelor Degree Program£ºThose who want to study undergraduate courses must have had at least a high school education or higher education level, or the equivalent educational level and must have taken the National Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) with a level 6 proficiency. (those who can¡¯t satisfy our language entry requirements, must take the Chinese training courses in our school and reach our standard in advance).

2+2 Credit Transfer Program: The credits of the applicant are transferable and accredited by Neusoft II; the applicant should be in good health, has taken the National Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) with a level 6 proficiency. (those who can¡¯t satisfy our language entry requirements, must take the Chinese training courses in our school and reach our standard in advance).

Pre-enrollment Program: Applicants must have taken the National Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and have a level 4 proficiency.

Note: Even after the students enter into the professional courses, they can continue their study of the Chinese language courses

How to Apply

The Application Formalities of Long-term Programs

Required documents:
1. Application Form of Neusoft Institute of Information
2. The certificate of the applicant¡¯s final graduation school
3. The academic qualification certificate of the applicant¡¯s final graduation school

Applicants should submit all required documentation to International Office.
On receipt of these documents, we will send the applicant the necessary documents to apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.


The Application Formalities of Short-term Programs

I: Individual
1. Applicants should submit a short-term program application form to International Office.
2. International Office will send the necessary documents for the applicant to apply for an L visa.
II: Group
1. The leader of the group should submit the name, gender, nationality, age, passport number and Chinese language level of the members.
2. The leader can apply for either a group visa or an L visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.


Contact Info:
International Office, Neusoft Institute of Information
No.8 Software Park Road, Dalian, Liaoning Province, P.R.C
Post Code: 116023
Telephone: 0086-411-84835041(English)
0086-411-84835042 (Japanese)
0086-411-84835249 (Russian)
0086-411-84835042 (Korean)
Facsimile: 0086-411-84835042
Email: wanghuan@neusoft.edu.cn (English)
hefang@neusoft.edu.cn (Japanese)
fengshixuan@neusoft.edu.cn (Russian)
zhangwenqi@neusoft.edu.cn (Korean)
Website: www.neusoft.edu.cn
Note: Please visit our website for the updated info.

Curriculum£º(Chinese Language and IT Majors)

Programs Courses

Chinese Training Program (Long Term)

Intensive Reading (Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
Conversation (Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
Listening Comprehension (Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
News Listening by Video
Reading Comprehension (Primary ,Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
Chinese Culture
Selected Readings in Newspapers & Magazines

Computer Science and Technology



Introduction to IT College English
Advanced Mathematics Operating System
Computer &Principle of Network Data Structure
C Programming JAVA
Middleware Technology XML
Software Engineer &Project Management UML
Database System Concept and Application Project Practice
Human Computer Interaction System
Introduction to Embedded System
Interpersonal Communication and Speaking
Middleware Technology I (J2EE) .Net Technology
Software Test & Tools Web Services
Oracle Database Development£¨DELPHI£©DB2 Assembly Language
Websphere£¨WSAD£© C++ 3
Design Model Networks Security
Linux Embedded System Development

Information Technology and Business Management

E-commerce Orientation: General Theories of E-commerce, Wetsite Design, Database Administration and Application, Java Programming Design, JSP, E-commerce Platform Construction, E-commerce and International Trade, Network Payment and Accounting, E-commerce Logistics Management, Internet Marketing Course
Information Management and Information System Orientation: Database and Application, Fundamental Programming Design (C++), Java Programming Design, Financial Management, Operation and Supply Chain Management, Information System Analysis and Design, Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP /3 Application Course
HR Orientation: Management, Labor Law, Marketing, Labor Economics, HR Management, Organization Behavior, Social Security and Management, Talents Text Theory and Method, Career Planning, e-HR

Chinese Intensive Class

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


Opportunity for Practice

There is a students start-up center¡ªSOVO (Student Office, Venture Office). There are various kinds of position for practice like software development, system management, multimedia design, and professional foreign language, etc. which helps a lot to build up the students¡¯ practice and creativity.

Size of Class

Small size of class with individualized introduction from the teachers makes a high quality environment for study.


Multi-Media Teaching

Various multimedia teaching methods make the students get the knowledge more directly and more quickly. 20 class hours per week with different teaching levels makes sure of the quick improvement of Chinese language learning.

International Student Service

The staff who speak second languages including English, Japanese , Russian and Korean will assist the student with accommodation, visa, course information, health insurance, applications and introduction to other service organizations on and off campus.

  1. Free airport pick-up and accommodation arrangement

The staff will introduce the choices & condition of the current apartments to international students or liaise with the person who can provide accommodation.

  1. International Student Advisors

?Professional international student advisors will provide support for the student¡¯s studies.

  1. International Student Health Service

International Student Health Service provides general first aid, emergency treatment, and introduction to specialist services.

  1. Careers and Employment

Professional advisors offer comprehensive information on careers, academic courses and graduate employment opportunities to all of the current international students. They can also provide assistance with applying for a job and writing a resume.


Guide to Cost of Living
Monthly cost (including meals, transportation, regular shopping): RMB 1000
Welcome Activity: this activity is a great opportunity for the students to be familiar with the city and school. We will organize the students to do campus tour, get used to the facilities and services, and at the beginning of each semester, we have a lot of activities like welcoming ceremony, etc.
Students Activity: This kind of activities will be arranged during their stay. The school will hold various contests, lectures and other language practice activities to make their life after class very colorful and interesting.
Fitness Center: The fitness center provides various facilities for body exercise and also some relevant courses with very reasonable prices. The students can make choice according to their own needs.
Library: The library can provide very comfortable and quiet environment for the students to study, and there is wide band network connection in each seat so that the students can go online anytime.
Coffee Corner: There are several coffee corners on the campus for the students to have a drink of coffee


International Students¡¯ Activities

Peking Opera
Home stay

Various Students Unions¡ª(Instruction of some of the unions)

There are 35 student organizations, and we provide them a big stage to show themselves. Students can make choice according to their own interests.

Computer Union
English Union
Japanese Union
Neusoft Institute of Information Student Press Union
Sunshine Club
Leader Union
Showtime Union
Martial Arts Union
Taekwondo Union
Tennis Union
Basketball Union

Fees (RMB)


(Academic year)


Teaching Materials


Language? Training Programs (Long Term)

RMB13500(RMB7500/half an academic year£©

RMB 420


RMB650/330 for half an academic year

Bachelor Degree Programs

RMB 17900

RMB 420



2+2 Credit Transfer Programs

RMB 17900

RMB 420



Pre-enrollment Programs

RMB 7500

RMB 420

RMB 650


Bachelor Degree Programs £¨teach in English£©

RMB 23000

RMB 420




£¨Short Term£©





RMB 420



RMB 420



RMB 420



RMB 420



RMB 420



RMB 420

2 months


RMB 420

The textbook fee subjects to the actual cost.?
All the fees except the enrollment fee can be paid by RMB upon arrival. The following address is for the enrollment fee or the fees mentioned above if you want to pay by US dollar
(except HongKong).

A/C NO£º 65509-90186
A/C NO£º 21201501900050008892



Neusoft Institute of Information will provide suitable accommodation for international students:
Twin share: RMB 33 per day / per person Single: RMB 50 per day? (without kitchen)
Twin share: RMB 40 per day/per person Single: RMB 60 per day? (with kitchen)

Administrative staff and cleaner
Each apartment is equipped with a washroom and a shower.
Fully equipped kitchen, and laundry facilities on each floor
Telephone and network access is available in each apartment.


Breakfast 6:00 a.m¡ª8:00 a.m
Lunch 11:00 a.m¡ª13:00 p.m
Dinner 17:00 p.m¡ª20:00 p.m
Supermarket: 6:00 a.m¡ª22:00 p.m


International Students Apartment

Near the Students¡¯ Service Center
Water for Drinking Supply Everyday
24 hours Internet Access
10 Minutes Walk from the Apartment to Classroom
24 hours Guard Service

Various Kinds of Food in the Dinning Hall
There are dinning halls in both the apartment area and classroom area.
Shops and stores are available both inside the apartment building and the students¡¯ service center.
Playing field was built for different kinds of sports.

Telephone and Office

Operator: 0086-411-84835000
International Office: Building A10
Medical Room£º0086-411-84736300
International Students Department: Building A6 0086-411-84835249


Bus Routes


No.23, K901
Digital Square¡ª1st Stop: Northeastern Finance & Economics University (Trust Mart Super market)¡ª2nd Stop: Hei Shijiao (New Mart Supermarket)¡ª7th Stop: Peace Plaza (Hymall Supermarket)¡ª10th Stop: Stadium (WalMart Supermarket, Electronic Plaza)¡ª12th Stop: Qing ni wa qiao (Qing ni wa Business Zone) ¨C13th Stop Friendship Square( Xin Hua Book Store, ShenZhen Development Bank (Dalian Branch), China Construction Bank (Dalian Branch)
Digital Square¡ª6th Stop: Jie Fang Square (Carrefour Supermarket, Science &Technology Valley (Electronic Plaza), China Mobile Business Hall, China Unicom Business Hall)


The Scenery Spots and Bus Routes

The Tiger Beach Park (Ocean World): Taking No.23 or K901 to Qingniwa Qiao Stop, then changing No.2
to The Tiger Beach Park
Xing Hai Park (Seawater Beach, Sunasia Ocean World ): Taking No.23 or K901 to Xinghai Park Stop
Xing Hai Square (Oriana, Bin Hai Road):Taking No.23 or K901 to Xinghai Exhibition Center Stop
The Forest Zoo: Taking No.26 to Nansha Street Stop, then changing No.715 to The Forest Zoo Stop
The Railway Station: Taking No.26 or K901 to Qingniwa Qiao Stop, then walking about 400 meters
toward north
Dalian Port: Taking No.26 or K901 to Qingniwa Qiao Stop, then changing No.13 to Dalian Port Stop
The Zhou Shuizi International Airport: Taking No.26 to Wuyi Square Stop, then Changing No.710 to
Airport Stop


Cinema: Movies from both home and abroad and half price for students with students ID.
Supermarkets: Many supermarkets like Carrefour and Wal-Mart, etc.
Post Office: It provides various kinds of post services.
Specialized Streets: Russian Style Streets and Japanese Style Streets with different building styles of ancient and modern times.

Korean Clothes and Food: Korean clothes shopping mall and various kinds of Korean food can meet different requirements of the students.

Enrollment Procedures

Airport pick-up ------> Accommodation arrangement and tuition ------> Medical examination, visa and Visiting Campus ------> Taking Textbook and Curriculum Schedule ------> Communicating with teachers and enrollment test ------> Programs beginning ceremony ------> Start class