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    As one of the key national universities directly under the Ministry of Education in China, Beijing Forestry University (BFU) provides the advanced education in the studies of forestry and ecological environment. It was one of the first universities to be admitted into the "211 Project" (the major project sponsored and funded by the government for the construction of top 100 key universities in China in the 21st century) and the 21st-century Educational Vitalization Action Program.

     Located in the internationally well-known Zhong Guan Cun Hi-Tech Zone, the university was originally the forestry department of the Royal University (the predecessor of Beijing University) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). After the foundation of the university in 1952, a number of distinguished experts and professors from Peking University (now Beijing University), Tsinghua University and Beijing Agriculture University were transferred to the university, which has inherited their rigorous style and discipline in academic pursuits. Decades of effort has developed it into a comprehensive university characterized by forestry, environmental science and biology, with well-coordinated multi-disciplines of science, engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts and agriculture.

     After entering the "211 Project" in 1995, the university reached the standard set by the municipal government for the beautification of campuses in 1996, and won the title of the "Campus as Beautiful as Gardens in Beijing" five years later. In 2000, it established the Graduate School, the only one among the forestry universities and colleges nationwide, and a stock company of science and technology.

     BFU, as one of the key institutions of higher education in China, is the cradle of professionals specialized in advanced technology of multi-disciplines including forestry, soil and water conservation, landscape gardening, biotechnology, construction of ecological environment and economic management.

     Since its establishment 50 years ago, more than 30,000 students and a number of foreign students have graduated from the university, and among them 11 have attained to the positions of academicians. The university possesses a well-formed faculty composed of 956 full-time teachers, including 5 academicians, 496 full and associate professors
While making an effort to enrich its discipline category and optimize the discipline structure, the university not only possesses the traditional disciplines which are recognized for their high quality both at home and abroad, but also has established a large number of new disciplines to meet the development of the society. There are 15 schools subordinate to the university, namely Graduate School, Biological Science and Technology, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Environmental Science and Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation, Industry, Information Science, Material Science and Technology, Science, Natural Conservation, Economic Management, Humanistic and Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, Vocational Training and Adult Education.

     The university boasts advanced Computer Center, Computer Network Center, Modern Educational Center, Audio-Visual Teaching Center, Biological Center, Micro-Technology Center, Forest Organism Center, and a forest farm for teaching and research (Jiu Feng National Forest Park). Attached to the university are the Foreign Language Training Center of the State Forestry Administration, the Research Center of Soil Control Technology of Loess Plateau in China, the Training Center of Desertification Control of ChinaQuiet and beautifully laid out, BFU is a well-equipped modern university featured by the magnificent Central Building of Teaching, the first-rate gymnasium, advanced laboratories and practice bases, and the colorful, high-speed campus network. The computerized checking system has been set up for all the books in the library, and located in the library building is the Imported Teaching Materials Center for the forestry universities and colleges nationwide. The construction of the modern high-rise student apartment building and the new classroom building was completed in 2001, both of which have been put to use.

     In recent years, nearly 200 achievements of scientific research received rewards from the national, provincial and ministerial authorities, and more than 20 achievements of teaching were rewarded by the national and municipal governments. BFU is engaged in the international academic exchanges and cooperation with more than 150 universities and research institutions of over 20 countries and districts in the world, providing opportunities for the contacts between China and the outside world in the researches of forestry and ecological environment.

     BFU also provides a favorable atmosphere for teaching and learning, combining the acquisition of professional knowledge with the improvement of the all-round abilities, with the emphasis on forging the rigorous style in academic pursuit and creativity. The systems of optional courses, subsidiary courses, course exemption and bachelor-to-master continuation education have been established so that the students are able to develop themselves according to their own interests and wishes. The university also offers colorful extracurricular activities to enrich the life on the campus, which are organized by numerous student societies and associations in science and technology, art, sports, environmental protection, and politics, etc. Some of them have become quite influential in the society, such as the Society of Scientific Exploration and Wilderness Survival and the Association of Beijing College Volunteers for Environmental Protection, and the former received the "Prize of the Earth", the highest prize from the National Bureau of Environmental Protection. In recent years, the students of BFU won 4 prizes consecutively at the College Students' Landscape Gardening Architecture Design Competitions sponsored by UNESCO and the International Association of Landscape Gardening Architects, as well as the Golden Prize of International College Students' Architecture Design and the prizes for Gardening Design Competitions. Excellent achievements were also made in the competitions of scientific inventions, mathematics, and art organized domestically.

     In the new century, Beijing Forestry University will continue the construction of disciplines, strengthen educational reform, and promote academic exchanges with the universities in the other countries, and strive for greater development and new contributions.

Beijing Forestry University Application Information for International Students 2007

I. University Overview

Located in Haidian District which is home to many key universities in China, Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is a top institution of higher education in forestry and ecological environment under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of generations of people, Beijing Forestry University which is founded in 1952 has developed itself from a forestry college into a multi-disciplinary national key university with forestry, biology and forestry engineering as its leading disciplines, together with an extensive coverage of courses in sciences, engineering, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and philosophy. Besides undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education, its personnel training system also includes further education and international student education. So far there are 50 undergraduate subjects offered by 12 schools, 73 graduate disciplines and 35 doctoral disciplines. The BFU has 495 full and associate professors, of whom 127 are supervisors of Ph.D. programs and five are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Its advantage specialties such as landscape architecture, biological science, forestry silviculture, soil and water conservation are in the leading position in China. By 2006, it has had an enrollment of 12,900 undergraduate students and 2,700 postgraduate students.

Equipped with good facilities serving for instruction and research, the BFU can provide a desirable environment for students.

It admits international enrollments from language students to post doctors covering all of its specialties. By 2006 there have been about 1,200 international students studying in this university from such countries as Korea, Japan, the United States, Britain, Thailand, Indonesia, AUStria, Italy, Finland, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.

Homepage: http://www.bjfu.edu.cn


II. Study period and Academic Schedule

The normal period of study for each program is as follows: 4 years for undergraduate degrees, 3 years for master¡¯s degrees, and 3 years for doctoral degrees. Students may, in particular cases, reduce or extend the duration of study upon application.

Beijing Forestry University divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters, with the latter marking the commencement of the academic year. The autumn semester starts in September and ends in January of the following year while the spring semester begins in February and ends in June. There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 2 months and there are various summer vacation courses available for students. The winter vacation lasts 4 weeks and normally follows the schedule of Chinese New Year.


III. Programs

International students have the following options of study at Beijing Forestry University:

1. Programs for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Degrees

Undergraduate program: Students are required to complete the curriculum between 4 to 6 years and fulfill the regulated teaching program. Upon graduation, the students who are qualified and complete the diploma work and defend of it will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor¡¯s degree.

Master¡¯s degree program: Students are required to complete the curriculum between 2-3 years, fulfill the designated degree courses, complete the master¡¯s thesis and defend of it in front of a panel of experts. Graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the Master¡¯s degree.

Ph.D. degree program: Students are required to complete the curriculum between 4-6 years (in normal circumstances), fulfill the designated degree courses, conduct research, complete the doctoral thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Graduates will receive a graduation certificate with the doctoral degree.

2. Programs for Visiting Student

An overseas student wishing to make an advanced study at Beijing Forestry University but not for a degree or diploma may also be admitted. The period of study lasts from one semester to two years. With the completion of the refresher course, the qualified students will receive the certificate.

3. Pre-university Program

The candidates can apply for undergraduate program if completing pre-university program. This program lasts one semester to two years.

4. Chinese Language Training Program

The long-term semesters (about eighteen weeks) start from approximately the beginning of March and September each year, providing basic and practical Chinese courses. There are different classes, including primary, secondary, and advanced classes, for different levels of Chinese language training students.

Course outlines£ºChinese language, oral Chinese, listening comprehension£¬grammar, reading comprehension and writing etc.

Optional courses such as Chinese calligraphy, shadow boxing, shadow sword, and Chinese martial art can be arranged based on different interests and demands of learners. (Extra fee must be paid for these optional courses besides tuition.)  

The university provides activities, including sightseeing, watching Chinese opera or acrobatics for free per semester.

Short-term Chinese Language Training Program

The short-term summer vacation courses, 2-8 weeks, include oral Chinese, listening, and Chinese culture etc. Only group of students (more than 15 people) are accepted for short term Chinese language training program.


IV. Qualifications for application

Foreigners who are over age of 18, in good health condition, of good virtue, and willing to abide by the law of Chinese Government and the regulations of BFU with respecting Chinese culture and meeting the requirements below, can apply directly to the international students office of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department for Application Form.

1. Undergraduates and Pre-University Students

(a senior high school graduate or with equivalent schooling)

¢ÙBeijing Forestry University Application Form

¢ÚCertificate of senior high school and the results of exams and copy of them.

¢ÛApplication letter (over 500 Chinese characters).

¢ÜPhotocopy of certificate of HSK Band Six or above (preparatory students are excluded).

¢ÝPhotocopy of the passport of the applicant (the page with photograph).

¢ÞAttend the interview

2. Master¡¯s Degree and Ph.D. Students

¢ÙBeijing Forestry University Application Form

¢ÚApplicant¡¯s highest academic diploma or certificate of university education and its copy.

¢ÛApplication letter (over 800 Chinese characters).

¢ÜPhotocopy of certificate of HSK Band Six or above.

¢ÝTwo reference letters from 2 association professors or experts of related fields and copies of them.

¢ÞPhotocopy of the passport (the page with photograph).

¢ßAttend the interview

3. Senior Visiting Students/General Visiting Students

¢ÙBeijing Forestry University Application Form

¢ÚApplicant's highest academic diploma or certificate of university education and its copy.

¢ÛApplication letter (over 800 Chinese characters).

¢ÜPhotocopy of the passport (the page with photograph).

¢ÝPhotocopy of certificate of HSK Band Six or above.

4. Chinese Language Training Students

¢Ù     Beijing Forestry University Application Form

¢Ú     Photocopy of the passport (the page with photograph).

¢Û     Notarized guarantee of the guardians for those who are under the age of 18.


V. Information of Application and Admission

Undergraduates, Master¡¯s Degree, and Ph.D. Students

Students should apply during March 1st to June 15th.

It takes approximate 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline to receive the notifications of admission. We may inform you the missing materials according to your application process during this period. If admitted, we will send you the admission notice and other relevant documents. Information about the progress of an application can be obtained by contacting the International Students Office either by email or telephone. Once passing the check and interview by the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, students will receive the Admission Certificate and the JW202 FORM for applying for a student visa (X visa) to China.

Due to our limited staff, we cannot reply promptly to all enquiries.

Chinese Language Training Students and Visiting Students

Time for registration: May 1st to August 31st and November 1st to March 1st

Students should fill out the application form and provide basic information and pay the application fees. Once passing the check and interview by the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, students will receive the Admission Certificate and the JW202 FORM for applying for a student visa (X visa) to China.


VI. Admission

Admission will be determined according to the applicants¡¯ educational background, the results of the entrance materials and the interview. The admission result will be available at http://www2.bjfu.edu.cn/aa/lxsh/index.asp

. The Admission Notice 'and the attached documents can be obtained by E-mail.

Applicants are supposed to hold the passport, ¡°University Admission Notice¡±, the original documents of "Visa Application Form for Study in China"£¨JW202£© and health examination certificate (including lung X-rays, blood test, EKG), and visa to go to Beijing Forestry University for registration formalities on the registration period which is specified in the Admission Notice.


VII. Application for Scholarship from Chinese Government

Any prospective students who are interested in the scholarship should apply it from their own government and related institutes or the Chinese Embassy therein during January to April. For detailed information please visit the website: http://www.csc.edu.cn.

Any student studying in China who wants to pursue a higher degree with scholarship should get the permission from the embassy in China and apply to the university where they are studying.


VIII. Medical insurance

Beijing Forestry University requires all international students to have sufficient medical insurance throughout the duration of study, which at least covers Accident Insurance and Hospitalization. Students can either buy the insurance before coming to China, or buy it here in China. Upon registration, foreign students should submit documents from their insurance companies, which must prove that they are covered for accidents and hospitalization within the duration of study. The documents should be in Chinese or English.

Failure to submit the insurance documents will result in refusal to registration.


IX. Accommodation information

There are housing facilities for international students at BFU. We provide the international students for double room including the bathroom, shower, TV, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner, wardrobe, desk, and the network facilities. (No cooking is allowed in the room). The electric bill will be paid by the students themselves.

Students can also choose to live off campus, but must register to the local police station.


X. Expenses

Application fee:

Language student:                        RMB 410;

Visiting Student:                         RMB 410;

Undergraduate student/Pre-University students: RMB 800;

Master¡¯s Degree Student:                  RMB 800;

Ph.D. Student:                           RMB 800.


Tuition fee: (per person)

Language student:        RMB 8,200 / semester;

Undergraduate student:    RMB 24,800 / year;

Master¡¯s Degree Student:  RMB 29,800 / year;

Ph.D. Student:           RMB 33,000 / year;

General visiting student:   RMB 9,900 / semester;

Senior visiting student:    RMB 12,400 /semester;

Art visiting student:      RMB 12,400 / semester;

Short-term Chinese Language Training Program:  Within two weeks RMB 750 / week / person;

Three to five weeks RMB 700 / week / person;

Over six weeks RMB 650 / week / person.


Book fee: charged according to the courses real expenses.


Accommodations: Double room: 41 RMB / day /bed


Insurance fee:

18 to 45 years old:  RMB 400 / person / half-year;

RMB 600 / person / year;

45 to 69 years old:  RMB 600 / person / half-year;

RMB 1,000 / person / year


VIII. Contact Information

Address:    The International Students Office

          BOX 226, 100083

Beijing Forestry University

            No.35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District


People¡¯s Republic of China

Tel: 86-10-62338271

Fax: 86-10-62310316

 Contactor: Diao Yarong, Xu Lumin

 E-mail: diaoyr@bjfu.edu.cn

 Web Site: http://www2.bjfu.edu.cn/aa/lxsh/index.asp


1£® Undergraduate Specialties (four to six years):

Departments Name

Specialties Name

1. College of Biological Sciences and Technology

Biological Science


Food Science and Engineering

2. College of Natural Resources and Environment


Environmental Science

Forest Resources Conservation and Recreation

Prataculture Science

Turfgrass Management

Geographic Information System

3.College of Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation and Combating Desertification

Resource Environment & Urban-Rural Planning Management

Civil Engineering

4 .College of Nature Conservation

Management of Wildlife and Nature Reserve

5 .School of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning

Tourism Management

Ornamental Horticulture

6.College of Information Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology (Computer Art Design)

7.College of Sciences

Electronics and Information Technology

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

8. School of Economics & Management


Accounting (International Accounting)


International Economy & Trade

Business Administration

Business  Administration£¨Economic Information Management£©

Statistics£¨Marketing Research£©

Statistics (Securities Analysis)

Marketing£¨Electronic Commerce£©

Agriculture and Forest Economics and Management

Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Property Management

9 .School of Technology

Machine Design, Manufacturing and Their Automation


Communication Engineering (Automobile Application Engineering)

Industrial Design

10. College of Material Science and Technology

Wood Science and Engineering

Wood Science and Engineering

Packaging Engineering

Chemical Processing of Forest Products

Chemical Processing of Forest Products

Artistic Designing

11.School of Humanities & Social Sciences



12 .School of Foreign Languages

English Language

Japanese Language


2. Authorized Disciplines for Doctor¡¯s Degree and Master¡¯s Degree Programs:


Disciplines for Master¡¯s Degrees:

Philosophy of Science and Technology

National Economics

Regional Economics

Cameralistics (Including Revenue)


Industrial Economics

Labor Economics 

Quantitative Economics

Economics of Defense

International Trade


Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

Principle of Marxism 

Ideological and Political Education

Law Theory

Applied Psychology

General Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

English Language

Design Technics

Physical Geography

Cartography and Geography Information System 








Developmental Biology

Cell Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 



Manufacturing Automation

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering  

Machinery Design and Theory 

Machinery Design and Theory

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Computer Software

Computer Application

Urban Planning and Design (Including Landscape Planning And Design)

Structural Engineering

Agricultural Bio-Environment and Energy Engineering

Forest Engineering

Forest Engineer Equipments

Wood Science and Technology 

Chemical Processing of Forest Products

Environmental Science

Processing & Storage of Agricultural Products

Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding 


Forest Protection

Forest Management

Conservation and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants 

Ornament Plant

Soil and Water Conservation & Deforestation Combating

Ecological Environment Engineering

Science of Nature Reserve

Soil Science 

Plant Nutrition

Grassland Science

Management Sciences and Engineering


Enterprise Management

Tourism Management

Technological Economy and Management

Forest Economic and Management

Agriculture Economic Management 

Fallow Management

Prevention and Control of Mountain Disaster


Revegetation Engineering

Urban Forest


Disciplines for Doctor¡¯s Degrees: 








Developmental Biology

Cell Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Machinery Design and Theory

Urban Planning and Design (Including Landscape Planning And Design)

Forest Engineering

Wood Science And Technology

Chemical Processing Of Forest Products

Prevention and Control of Mountain Disaster

Forest Engineer Equipments

Soil Science

Grassland Science

Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding


Forest Protection

Forest Management

Conservation and Utilization of Wild Animals and Plants

Ornament Plant

Soil and Water Conservation & Deforestation Combating

Science of Nature Reserve

Ecological Environment Engineering


Revegetation Engineering

Urban Forest

Agriculture Economic Management

Forest Economic Management