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Director¨CInternational Studies School Website (Enrollment)
Contact Time (Chinese Time) Am9:00-Pm5:0 Skype
Phone Number 010-62737792/3/4 MSN
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Student Enrolment Details
¢ñ. Basic Information
Study Majors Available Doctoral Degree Closing Dates for Applications

Class Schedule

Length of Course

3 Years

Programs For International Students

Academic Year calendar
Semester One
Semester Two

¢ò.Academic Qualifications Required
Degree Background A Master's Degree or the Equivalent. Language Requires
Academic Background Others (Nationality .Age .Gender)
¢ó.Student Expenses Per Year
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB/year Registration Fee 400 RMB or 50 USD
Text Material Expense Accommodation Fee 65 RMB or 8 USD/Per day


Comprehensive Medical Insurance Fee£º600 RMB/per year

School Information

Number of Professors


Number Of Students


School Size in Area(©O)

Number of Teaching Buildings

Student Extra Curricula Associations

Quantity of Library Books

Library (English) HSK Examination Offered
Scholarships Available Scholarship Details
Living Condition
¢ñ. Nearest large city
Name BeiJing Population 3,600,000
¢ò. City Temperature Range
Summer 28-35 ¡æ Winter -5-0 ¡æ
¢ó.Facilities available in Student Accommodation
Shared Accommodation available 2 students/room
Bathroom ¡Ì Bed ¡Ì
Internet ¡Ì Computer ¡Ì
Basic Furniture provided ¡Ì TV ¡Ì
Refrigerator ¡Ì Washing Machine ¡Ì
Phone ¡Ì Air Conditioning ¡Ì
¢ô. Amenities Available in or close to the Campus
Gymnasium ¡Ì Department Stores/Super Markets with Western Produce ¡Ì
Restaurants ¡Ì Hospital/ Infirmary ¡Ì
Recreational Facilities ¡Ì Foreign Book Store ¡Ì


1) Bachelor's Degree (4 Years): 1£® Crop Science 2£® Horticulture 3£® Plant protection 4£® Animal science 5£® Veterinary medicine (5 Years) 6£® Agricultural economics and management 7£® Agricultural resources & environmental science 8£® Land resources & management 9£® Biology 10£®Bio-technology 11£®Applied Physics 12£®Applied Chemistry 13£®Food science & technology 14£®Rural development 15£®Biological engineering 16£®Machine design and manufacture and automation 17£®Agricultural mechanization and automation 18£®International economics and trade 19£®Communication and media 20£®Agricultural water conservation engineering 21£®Rural construction environment and energy engineering 22£®Civil engineering 23£®Heating energy and power engineering 24£®Electrification engineering and automation 25£®Electronic information engineering 26£®Computer science and technology 27£®Business administration 28£®Accounting 29£®Economics