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Director¨CInternational Studies International Students Office School Website (Enrollment)
Contact Time (Chinese Time) Am9:00-Pm5:0 Skype
Phone Number 0086-10- 6251,1588 MSN
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Student Enrolment Details
¢ñ. Basic Information
Study Majors Available Preparatory courses Closing Dates for Applications

Class Schedule

Length of Course

1 year

Programs For International Students

Academic Year calendar
Semester One
Semester Two

¢̣.Academic Qualifications Required
Degree Background High-school Language Requires HSK 3
Academic Background Others (Nationality .Age .Gender) High-school graduate or above, pass Level 3 of the HSK test
¢ó.Student Expenses Per Year
Tuition Fee 21,500 yuan Registration Fee USD50
Text Material Expense Accommodation Fee


School Information

Number of Professors

424 professors and 595 associate professors

Number Of Students


School Size in Area(©O)

Number of Teaching Buildings

Student Extra Curricula Associations

Quantity of Library Books

2.5 million

Library (English) HSK Examination Offered
Scholarships Available Scholarship Details
Living Condition
¢ñ. Nearest large city
Name BeiJing Population 3,600,000
¢̣. City Temperature Range
Summer 28-35 ¡æ Winter -5-0 ¡æ
¢ó.Facilities available in Student Accommodation
Single Accommodation available
Bathroom ¡̀ Bed ¡̀
Internet ¡̀ Computer ¡̀
Basic Furniture provided ¡̀ TV ¡̀
Refrigerator ¡̀ Washing Machine ¡̀
Phone ¡̀ Air Conditioning ¡̀
¢ô. Amenities Available in or close to the Campus
Gymnasium ¡̀ Department Stores/Super Markets with Western Produce ¡̀
Restaurants ¡̀ Hospital/ Infirmary ¡̀
Recreational Facilities ¡̀ Foreign Book Store ¡̀