No. 1 Middle School in YuZhong
A Brief Introuduction about Yuzhong and  No. 1 Middle School in YuZhong:

Eastern suburbs of Yuzhong County is located in Central Gansu province, the provincial capital of Lanzhou, flows through into the border in Yuzhong County of Lanzhou basin East of the Yellow River, with a total population of 424,000 people, the County 3,301 square kilometers of the total area, annual average temperature of 6.7 degrees centigrade and the frost-free period lasts about 120 days.Yuzhong since Qin Shi Huang 33 built County yilai, from this has has more than 2000 years of history, territory has provincial heritage protection area horse home mountain new stone culture site, and more has "Gansu right first name mountain" of said of Xinglong mountain national nature reserve, also has national three large Peony base one of peace Peony Park, also has, and horse bit mountain, and out Su King Tomb, and Qingcheng ancient built houses, tourism landscape attractions area.

First secondary school was founded in 1943 in Yuzhong County, 2000, become demonstrative upper secondary schools in Lanzhou city, 2004 awarded exemplary high school in Gansu province.School covers an area of 80 acres, with 32,130 square, campus green area of 7,000 square meters.School currently has 48 classes, a college student more than 3,800 people, teaching and administrative staff of 190 people, which advanced 55 teachers, I-64 teachers.1996 State physical culture was rated "excellent traditional sports schools of the country."School used people this and science phase combined of management mode, to "vertical de for first, and education for this, and high into excellent out, and low into high out" for running target, education teaching quality since 1996 to rendering across type development situation, college entrance examination on-line rate also by 1995 years Qian of 25% upgrade for 2004 years of 91%, in recent years, school for University conveying has more than 6,000 over qualified of students.School basketball teams for men and women in Lanzhou city middle school students win competitions year after year.