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Kid Castle Educational Corporation
For over twenty years, Kid Castle has been a leader in English education for young learners around China. We utilize state of the art classrooms to create a better learning environment for our students. Our hard work, superior training facilities and breadth of experience give us an advantage in finding the best teachers from countries all over the world. Kid Castle started with a single school back in 1986, and has steadily expanded through Taiwan and across China. We now have over 200 branches in Taiwan, over 200 in Mainland China, and new branches are opening up every few months! Kid Castle also provides textbooks, curriculum and other teaching resources to over 7000 schools, including elementary schools and other privately owned schools in Taiwan and China. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading educational organizations in Asia.

Teamwork is key to our organization; we believe that learning from each other is the best way to grow.We listen to feedback from our teachers, and many suggestions that we have received have implemented changes, and spurred progress within the company.

At Kid Castle, we firmly believe in creating a happy environment, for students, teachers, and everyone else working in the school.Many of our foreign teachers become good friends with their co-teachers and other colleagues.

We have a large number of foreign teachers who have worked at our school for more than three years, with many staying much longer than that.
Furthermore, foreign teachers who show exceptional talent and professionalism are recognized and promoted.

The Chinese are friendly and generous by nature.? It isní»t uncommon for a Kid Castle staff member to bring a local delicacy into work to share with everyone. During special events, your colleagues will be keen to let you try local specialties such as moon-cakes during moon festival, and Zong Zi (a kind of rice dumpling) during Dragon Boat Festival.?? Some kindergartens even offer free lunch to full time teachers who work in the mornings and afternoons.

At each branch, the staff at the reception desk welcomes the students and teachers as they arrive to start the school day.A foreign teacher cannot walk very far in the school without being recognized: the students will greet you cheerfully as you go through the school.???? When you arrive in the classroom, your students will be very excited to see you; the younger students will want to give you a hug and play with you.


Each school has a slightly different schedule; however a typical full-time schedule consists of about 30 hours per week.These hours are comprised of approximately 20-25 teaching or contact hours in the classroom, and 5-10 preparation or administrative hours in the office.Kid Castle offers three programs for its students:
Preschool program (age 3-6) in the morning.
After-school program for students (age 3-15) in the afternoons and evenings.

Language school program for older students (age 9-13) in the afternoons and evenings.
Although Kid Castle provides all the curriculum and materials, teachers must use their office time to prepare for classes, have meetings with the co-teachers on the status of the class or its students, and grade homework and tests.All of these matters are completed in the teacher's weekly office hours.


For over 20 years, Kid Castle has been developing curriculum that teaches effectively with an emphasis on fun.We believe that happy students learn the most, and positive reinforcement is heavily promoted.The Kid Castle curriculum is well established in the form of textbooks and lesson aids for all three programs.Resources include textbooks, workbooks, CDs, assessments, and teacher's guides(including lesson plans, ideas, and teaching information).

Classes range from one hour to two hours.?? Classes include phonics, language arts, song, story, grammar, conversation, and plenty of activities. Some schools offer programs including science, music, drama, math, and other subjects.

A Typical Lesson
Usually, the foreign teacher will often teach the students the following:

    • Letters of the alphabet
    • A corresponding word (for example, A = apple)
    • Vocabulary (for example, objects in the classroom) Basic sentence patterns
    • A dialogue
    • A song
    • One or two activities
    • Workbook pages


    A typical classroom will have about 20 students, but some classes are smaller. In classes with young learners, you will have a co-teacher who will help whenever necessary.The co-teacher will have other responsibilities for the class (usually communicating with parents, checking homework, completing administrative duties, etc.).For most classes, the foreign teacher's main objective is to strengthen the students English speaking and listening skills.

    New teachers complete an initial training program which covers the basics of teaching.?? Curriculum, methods, classroom management, lesson planning, and general teaching tips are introduced during the initial training program.

    Training is ongoing.?? Individual schools often have ad-hoc training sessions to share ideas and improve the overall quality of teaching.There are also several training workshops per year held at our state of the art training facility. Our workshops are interactive, and tailored to the needs of the foreign teachers.During the workshops, teachers share each others experiences of working in the classroom, work in groups to solve tasks, watch a teaching demonstration by an experienced teacher, and participate in various discussions and activities related to teaching.

    A Kid Castle salary offers Foreign Teachers a comfortable lifestyle, usually with money left over for weekend getaways, a holiday in the Tropics, or even putting some money away in savings.The actual salary will depend on the location of the school and on the teacher's experience.? The salary is competitive and progressive in that our teachers are compensated for their preparation time.Plus we conduct annual performance reviews to consider raises in the Foreign Teacher's salary.


    1. Airport Pick-Up
    2. Free Accommodation provided upon arrival
    3. Competitive Monthly Salary
    4. Arrival Allowance - 5000RMB
    5. Completion Bonus
    6. Insurance
    7. Schools observe 11 public holidays
    8. Work Visa


    1. Native English Speakers
    2. Agree to at least a one-year contract
    3. Possess a college degree from a four-year institution(a bachelor's degree, which is a three-year course in the
    4. TEFL/TESOL/TESL Certificate (or 120 hour equivalent)
    5. Fulfill a government approved medical exam
    6. Criminal Record Check

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