New windows English Academy

   New windows English academy which is in North district of Baoding was founded in April,2008 .Since 2008, under the leader of the North Area literary Style Bureau we always insist our own unique teaching ideas and features and the thought of educating person as well as imparting the knowledge ,so we develop gradually and rapidly. The teaching level is improving and the teaching scope is broadening gradually, we cultivate a large number of talented people who can speak foreign language very well ,especially being outstanding of all the private education institutions, we are obtaining the remarkable teaching achievement and the social approval.
   At present, there are five sectors including Teaching, Finance, Brand Propaganda, Foreign Affairs Office and Rear service. From these two years' teaching experience only we strengthen our teacher team and improve their general quality so that we let each student and their parents be aware of our passionate heart of teaching. What¡¯s more, the whole school develop rapidly and have a long term future.
   In the past four years, our school has obtained lots of proud achievements in the English competition which were held in the province, city or nation. Our school students won the first prize in the ¡°China Youth- The National School Talent Selection Activities¡±. In the future , under the leadership of our executive department, we will carry out all the respects about English educational activity actively and positively. We will insist exploring in the teaching and achieving constant innovation so that let more students enjoy the high quality education. In a word our academy will be built the unique excellent brand private education training institutions owning the advanced idea, the excellent teachers and good management Team.