Wuxi International School is situated in the New District of Wuxi City, covering 210,000 square meters.
The total floor space of the school is 130,000 square meters, which comprises of state of the art equipment and facilities so as to promote the best learning environment possible for students and staff alike. The school campus is aesthetically pleasing, boasting an environment full of manicured gardens and flowers.

Our campus is renowned as being one of the largest and most modern of modern campuses in Wuxi.
The school is made up of a kindergarten, primary school, junior school, high school and an International Department.We take in students ranging in ages from 2 to 18 years of age from abroad and throughout China.

The International Department of Wuxi International School, referred as WIDS, is specially geared towards the children of foreign businessman and technology experts, and is part of a Wuxi Government initiative which commenced in 2003.

It is directly under the leadership of the Wuxi Education Authority and in cooperation with Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs.

WIDS is carrying out traditional education strategies whilst at the same time incorporating various international education platforms and curriculums. As such we always retain highly qualified and trained Foreign Teachers to be engaged in our teaching methodologies.

On the extra curricula side the campus also boasts numerous full equipped playing fields and sports facilities, all surrounded by a beautiful environmental campus.