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Post Offices   邮局   yóujú
Multifunctional post offices can be easily found in almost every city in the country. Sending packages, paying utility bills, applying and renewing subscriptions and (sometimes) receiving Western Union transfers can all be done at your local post office.

Reliable domestic and international shipping services of all kinds can also be arranged by the post office. While domestic and international ground rates are reasonable, airmailing larger packages can be expensive. When sending a letter or a package, bring the contents to the packing service counter and purchase the appropriate box. Do not seal envelopes or packages before the post office clerk has inspected them.

CDs, DVDs and software will only be accepted if you have a stamped receipt as proof of purchase. If the clerk suspects that the disk is an illegal copy, you will not be able to post it. Foodstuffs, explosives, liquids, weapons, and inflammatory or ''socially damaging'' printed material will not be accepted.

When the contents have been checked, enter the address in the space provided. Be sure to include a return address. Then complete two customs forms (for international shipping), and a form indicating the shipping details (ground, air, expedited, etc.).

Finally, return to the service desk where your forms will be taken, the package or letter will be weighed, and you will be charged accordingly.

Courier services  快递   kuàidì
EMS is China's official expedited courier service, and overnight or international 2- to 4-day shipping is available upon request. FedEx, UPS, and DHL also operate out of China.

For intra- and inter-city express mail services, try a local courier company. These are a China good-news story, offering fast, trackable courier services across town or across the country at prices that would not be believed in the West. There are literally hundreds of these located all over China's major and second-tier cities.

However, few of the local players offer their services in English, so those without a handle on the Chinese language will have to ask a local associate to organize the pick-up. If you call in the morning, you can expect your package to be picked up that afternoon, and delivered the next morning. Swifter delivery can sometimes be arranged.
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