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Projects of the International 4B Foundation: (past; present; and future).

The International 4B Foundation has helped orphans, teenagers, young adults, widows, and the disabled. It has provided flood relief, clothing, shoes, food, cooking utensils, wheelchairs, crutches and medicine, and money to cover the cost of surgery and school fees for the handicapped.

Past and Present projects

Major projects organized by the International 4B Foundation include fund raisers  to finance:

       Cornea transplant,

       Provide specialist leukemia treatment,

       Carry out major heart and gall bladder surgery,

       To assist the victims of a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

       And more

The International 4B Foundation is currently building several schools in China including several specialist schools for the deaf, blind, and mute. 

It’s also trying to recruit doctors from overseas to come to China to perform major heart, eye, and other surgeries.

Future projects

Future projects of the International 4B Foundation include:

       Bringing more medical teams and agricultural engineers to China,

       Building children’s homes,

       Assisting widows and HIV/Aids sufferers.
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